Tatu Tatu Ink Club is one of another tattoo shops in Canggu area. You can see many talented tattoo artist in this place especially for you who love fine line tattoo. You can easily find our shops in canggu, it is located at side of the canggu short cut alley. The well known alley with the crowed traffic in the area.

Canggu is the most growing area in Bali, especially in tourism. You can find many tourist attraction in this area beside the beach of course. Located between Kerobokan beach and Echo beach, Canggu has become favorite spots for tourist for the past 5 years, paradise for the surfer and heaven for the fitness enthusiasts. Yoga, Crossfit, and Surfing you can easily find this attraction in canggu.

What about nightlife? Canggu is the area you can go with various nightlife attraction. You can even find the biggest Beach club in Bali here names “Atlas”. Moreover, You can find many tattoo shops in Canggu, there are some of the best tattoo shops you can go near by shortcut canggu.

Canggu tattoo studio:  Humble tattoo shops you can find in the area

Tatu Tatu Ink Club is one of the humble tattoo shops in canggu. With professional and talented artist, We will assist our customer to get tattoo. Perfect place for those who want to get first tattoo, our humble staff will guide you and give you many information around tattoo. Have no clue about the design? Do not worry, our talented artist will give some references even their exclusive work for the customers.

Safety and healthy environment it’s a commitment that tatu tatu ink studio have, in order to make the customers feel safe and comfortable. In addition, the product that use by this studio is vegan friendly. So its been complete that Tatu Tatu Ink Club is contribute the environment and society very well.

Canggu Tattoo Design

Tatu Tatu Ink Club offers the customer with variance of design, with specialty in fine line tattoo. For those who are new and want to get a first tattoo, our talented artist will guide you and give a references which area of your body to start with. Yes it is hurt, but you should not be worry we have a secret to rid of the pain when your body get a tattoo.

We are very welcome to walk-in and by appointment. You can hit us on Instagram and make an appointment.



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