our artist.


Kane specializes in Black n Grey Micro Realism, Fine Line, Black Work and Geometry Tattoos. He would love to make an original design for you darlings


For Flowers and Cute Cartoon tattoo specialist, then you’re looking for Ilona! You’ll fall in love with all of her cute flash designs.


Mar is more than just a tattoo artist; she’s an artist who breathes life into ink. Her journey from a sporty background to culinary arts and, finally, to tattooing is a testament to her versatility.


Jubs’ journey—from His Canadian roots to their influence on contemporary tattoo artistry—reflects a unique blend of traditional techniques, nerd culture, dark aesthetics


Experience is the greatest teacher, and Axel’s journey is a testament to the profound impact of time and practice.


CHA’s portfolio is a testament to their artistic versatility, creativity, and the deeply personal connections they forge with her clients.


Sasha’s innovative foray into pixel tattoos represents her ability to seamlessly merge the digital age with the art of tattooing. Her remarkable journey from a passionate artist to a pioneer in various tattoo styles serves as a testament to the profound impact an artist can have on their surroundings.


Ical’s life is an exquisite tapestry, interwoven with his passion for body piercing, head tattoos, and jewellery craftsmanship

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