First Tattoo

All The Things You Should Prepare for Your First Tattoo

So, you want to get your first Tattoo? Definitely do your research and get some advice from people around you would probably be a good thing you should do first.

We will tell you about the things you should know before you decide to have something permanent on your body. This article covers these following topics:

  1. Choosing Your Design
  2. Choosing a Tattoo Studio / House / Parlour
  3. Preparing to Get Your Tattoo
  4. Tattooing Process


1. Choosing Your Design

You have probably looked for some inspo from the Internet, Magazines, Instagram, pinterest, etc for the design that you want right?

Wisely choose the design you decide to put permanently on your skin. And we recommend to choose something that really speaks to you rather than “it just looks cool”.

Make sure that your design is something that you can really live with for the rest of your life and not regret it afterwards and having to cover over it or get it lasered off (which is going to cost you a lot more)

But, you want a unique or personal tattoo but you can’t realize it into drawings? That’s totally fine!

Tattoo Artists love these kinds of work, this allows them to use their artistic talents. You will find that most tattoo artist will be very happy and eager to do these works!

First Tattoo

2. Choosing a Tattoo Studio

Before you decide to get an appointment, do your research on the tattoo studio and ask around! – Let’s just say that you’re staying in Canggu – Bali, ask around about where is the best tattoo studio in Canggu.

Ask lots of questions! You really don’t want a crappy tattoo design and an infection. Ask what the studio or the artist specializes in, safety procedures, etc.

Also look at the artists portfolios in the studio or their studio’s Instagram to determine whether his/her style of the artist is a good fit for you. All good tattoo studios will always keep these portfolios in hand.

First Tattoo

3. Preparing to Get The Tattoo

You made your appointment! Please, be sure to mention any type of illness or disease that may affect your tattoo. Such as diabetes, anemia, HIV, etc.

If something were to go wrong or your tattoo takes forever to heal, the studio needs to know what could be the cause of it.

It’s important to get plenty of rest and eat something before getting your tattoo because there is always a chance of passing out and by eating, you will lower that risk.

No need to eat a full Thanks Giving meal! Just be sure to have a little something to hold you over. Bring something small like sugary sweets to keep your blood sugar up during the process.

NEVER EVER drink alcohol or drink Aspirin based medication within 24 hours of your appointment. These stuff thin your blood and will cause you to bleed a whole lot more and will create a mess for the artist and it can impact the quality of the work you’re getting.

Wear comfy and loose clothes. You’re going to be laying or sitting down for possibly a good amount of time and this is to avoid rubbing your fresh inked skin to your shirt or pants.

First Tattoo

4. Tattooing Process

Your tattoo artist will sterilize his/her work booth and open their new needles out of the packages in front of you, cleanse your skin, apply the stencil to make sure it’s where you wanted it to be, apply some Vaseline and will begin the tattooing.

If you are nervous, it’s very understandable. Talk to your artist about how you’re feeling, they will talk you through everything and try to distract you from what’s going on 😊 Yes tattoos hurt, but they’re bearable.

Try not to think about it too much and stop focusing on it because you’re only going to make it even harder to bear with the pain.


Please enjoy your first tattoo experience! We strongly suggest using this article as a starting point and continue your research. Best of luck with your new tattoo!


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