First Tattoo

Does it hurt to get a first tattoo?

Tattoo is an art that you will put on your body. For people who want to get their first tattoo usually they think about how painful it would be because they have no idea about the pain. People heard about from rumors and information that come from society. Well it’s a tricky question, a lot of people will say yes, but some of them will say no it depends with how much they can tolerate the pain, size, design, and which area on your body.

What area is the most painful?

Hurt index first tattoo

There are some parts are most painful to get tattoos which on fingers, spine, stomach, neck, elbow, groin, inner bicep, nipples and breast, kneecap or behind the knees, head, face, ankle.


Finger tattoo is painful because the skin is sensitive and thin, and also the ink doesn’t want to stick to this area of skin very well. If ever you get one there, you need to cover up again.

Behind the knees

Another part of your body that you may experience severe pain is behind the knee because the skin is stretchy and the pain will be awful.

Nipples and Breast

Nipples or breast area are less painful but it doesn’t mean not painful at all. Maybe 85% of women in the world will say not painful, and 15% will say painful. Nipples area are one of the sensitive part of your body especially around areola.

Rib Cage

Rib area is also painful and sensitive area, same as nipples or breast tattoo, some people say extremely painful, some of them will say no. It depends on the design and the size of tattoo. Some of them will say it will tickle you while tattooing.


Most people don’t do armpit tattoo because armpit is the most painful area among others. The skin is thin and sensitive. You will feel extremely painful if you get it there. Most tattoo artist will convince you not to get tattoo armpit.

Ankles and shins

Ankle tattoos are cool, not painful at all but there are two things. First you can’t wear shoes for maybe 1-2weeks and second you can’t walk to often. The blood flow will go down when you stand up and it will take more time to heal and could ruin you tattoo.

What other factor can affect the pain when you get first tattoo?

For you to know there are 4 factors can affect the pain:

  • The size
  • The location
  • The design
  • The size of needle


The person’s sex can affect the pain too. Mist tattoo artists believe that women can deal with pain more than men.

Psychological Expectations

Psychological expectations is people who have tattoos don’t have to tell about themselves. Their tattoos can be powerful to tell other people about their character for example Lettering tattoos can represents their character, or could be a symbol with meaning.


Age also can affect the pain. Why? Because the older you can The quality of your skin will also change. Old skin will easy to get bruise and feel more pain because it gets thinner by age. Compared with young skin, young skin more solid and hard.

How to reduce the pain during tattoo process?

During tattoo process, there are many ways to reduce the pain.

  • Choose professional tattoo artist with licensed
  • Get enough sleep
  • Body must be fit and healthy
  • Don’t drink alcohol because you will feel hot inside And bleed a lot
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat before you do
  • Choose less pain and sensitive area
  • Don’t take any pain relieve
  • Relax
  • Wear bigger and easy clothes
  • Tell your tattoo artist if you feel too much pain
  • Ask numb cream to your tattoo artist
  • Listen music or watch movies to distract yourself

Ready to get your first tattoo design?

If you already read and understand all the information and the consequences of getting tattoos, it means you are ready to get it and choose the design that you desire. You could start from a small and simple tattoo.



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