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What is tattoo shop in Canggu shortcut area?

Tattoos are very popular in this modern era. Many people get tattoos for self-expression. Right now many tattoo places in Bali, especially in Canggu. There is special and unique one in if you pass Canggu shortcut, there is one tattoo shop named Tatu Tatu Ink Club.

Who is Tatu Tatu Ink Club?

A humble tattoo place, Tatu Tatu Ink Club is the first tattoo shop in Canggu shortcut. Located in a very crowded area in Canggu, make many people curious about it. Tatu Tatu Ink Club is specializes in Micro and fine line tattoos. It is perfect for men and women who want and like beautiful and perfect fine line tattoos.

Why Us?

Tatu Tatu Ink club is perfect for those people who want to get beautiful fine lines tattoo and micro tattoo. We are very concern about cleanness and we sterilize our equipment that is why before we start to do the tattoo, we will show how clean and sterilize our equipment in front of our customer included with preparation. We are very detail about the design and no need to worry because we are specialize fine lines and micro tattoo, so for sure you will get perfect result.

Our place is very different with other tattoo shops in Bali especially in Canggu. Designed very chill and friendly for our customers, men and women. Our tattoo artists are also humble and very kind. For rude behavior is really forbid in our place because we only accept humble people.

Chill and friendly tattoo shops environment

Do you feel uncomfortable when you enter the tattoo shop? Do not worry, we erase that vibe in our shops. Tatu tatu Ink club is design to be Friendly to every people, Even you just want to chill and hang out with others in our place. Rude behavior is forbid here, Our staff will welcome you with open hand and big smile.

Vegan Friendly

Talking about vegan friendly, vegan ink does not contain animal products. So the pigmentation is archived by using color from plant-based sources like: logwood, carbon, turmeric or some chemical compounds like Dioxazine. Traditional inks have glycerin in it and it contains ingredients such as animal fat. You do not need to worry because we also provide vegan ink for vegan people who want to make a tattoo. We provide good quality vegan ink so it is safe for you. For after care vegan tattoo, all aftercare which comes from non-animal based sources, as well as is cruelty free and do not involve animal suffering nor testing is a vegan aftercare. Soaps, moisturizers, creams, and so on. Nowadays you can find such vegan skincare on the market, as it gets more and more popular. Some brands might have vegan products as part of their offer. Some vegan skin care brands you might want to look up are: Body shop, Biossance, Summer Fridays, Skin Proud. So about aftercare, you do not need to worry because it is very easy to find in beauty shops.

A place that you can ask anything about tattoo

Tatu Tatu Ink Club is a very humble place with very humble tattoo artists. You do not need to be scared to ask about any tattoo design even if the design is not about fine lines or micro tattoo because they are open with any design. So do not hesitate to ask our artists.

Ready to get your first tattoo?

For newbie, you have to read and understand all the information and Tatu Tatu Ink Club is the right place to visit. You can ask anything about tattoos, like how painful for the first time, how long it will take to healed, what can do and what cannot do. Also for vegan people and first time to get a tattoo can ask about the quality of the ink, after care for vegan tattoo. We will answer all your curiosities. And We will suggest you to start from a small and simple tattoo.

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