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Several Things you should know before get a tattoo as a vegan

Tattoos are a popular way of self-expression since long time ago. The technology of tattooing is getting better and better. In the modern days, were people start being Tattoos are a popular way of self-expression since long time ago. The technology of tattooing is getting better and better. In the modern days, were people start being increasingly more concerned about the environment and animal wellbeing, the need for vegan tattoos appeared on the market.

Several Things You Should Know Before You Get a Tattoo as Vegan

There are several things you should know before you get a vegan tattoo:

  1. You have to shave the area where you will put the tattoo
  2. The design, the tattoo artist will mark the area to put the design on your skin, unless if you want to do it freehand
  3. The Ink. Big part you need to consider again
  4. Aftercare cream
  5. Remind the artist if you have “Keloid’ habit

Why Not All Tattoos are Vegan Friendly?

For the tattoo to be vegan friendly, all parts of the process have to be vegan too. From the ink itself, to the tattooing experience, and the interior of the salon. All components of the tattooing process must be vegan friendly, if we want to talk about the tattoo to be truly vegan. Standard tattooing experience is not designed to be vegan friendly by default.

What Is The Differences Vegan Tattoos and Non-Vegan Tattoos?

Starting from the ink, glycerin used as a stabilizer is not vegan. The black color of the ink might be achieved by using the bone char. After care products like stencil papers and razor strips have animal components in it, like parts derived from sheep and glycerin.  In tattoo salons which are designed to be a vegan experience, none of the components have the animal products in them, furthermore, will not contain products which were tested on animals, or involve animal suffering. This also includes the studios equipment like chair (non-leather) and after care like soap and so on.

What is Vegan Ink?

Vegan ink does not contain animal products. So the pigmentation is archived by using color from plant based sources like: logwood, carbon, turmeric or some chemical compounds like Dioxazine. Traditional inks have glycerin in it and it contains ingredients such as animal fat.

Recommended Ink Brands For Vegan Tattoos

There are some nice ink brands for vegan tattoos such as: Alla Prima, Dermaglo, Bloodline, Intenze tattoo Ink, Waverly, Fusion tattoo Ink, Good Color, Kuro Sumi, Workhorse Irons, etc. But for more information, you have to double check with the company who produced the ink.

Aftercare For Vegan Tattoos

All aftercare, which comes from non-animal based sources, as well as is cruelty free and do not involve animal suffering nor testing is a vegan aftercare. Soaps, moisturizers, creams, and so on. Nowadays you can find such vegan skincare on the market, as it gets more and more popular. Some brands might have vegan products as part of their offer. Some vegan skin care brands you might want to look up are: Body shop, Biossance, Summer Fridays, Skin Proud.

Where can I find Vegan tattoos studio in Canggu?

The tattoo studios, which advertise themselves as vegan should have vegan aftercare as their default care for your skin. You can ask them to be sure, if the aftercare they use is vegan as well as the ink they use.

With the growing number of people traveling for holidays, and adventures, many of them now treat getting a new tattoo from a distant destination as a new form of souvenir. Bali is known for plenty of tattoo studios and other activities, where local people as well as countless tourists are getting new tattoos everyday. Canggu perhaps is one of the richest in tattoo studios town on the island. You can find here all sort of studios, those big and small. Among them there are some with trending vegan tattoo experience. Some of them, you might want to check out for the vegan tattoo are: Tatutatuink canggu tattoo studio, Halfmoon, Satapak Tattoo. Some other places, which might tattoo with the regular ink, may have the vegan ink upon request, so it is always good think to ask before your visit.

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